Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today is a New Day!

Today I am 51!

This past year has been filled with a lot of stressful things to do. My daughter Kiley graduated from graduate school on april 24, 2009. My daughter Ashley served a mission for our church in Kirtland Ohio and returned home on July 9, 2009, my son Matthew went on his mission to Salt Lake City on July 8, 2009. No, that is not a typo they missed each other by one day. Roby my husband was laid off of his job in July of 2009. My daughter Kiley married the man of her dreams on September 10, 2009. Roby found a new job in Virginia, we lived in CA and he left to start his new job, while I stayed in CA and prepared the house to sell and began planning a wedding for our daughter Ashley who was marring her high school sweetheart!

The things we have experienced have been life changing and many tender moments were experienced. I will blog more about each one, at another time. Needless to say stress has been my companion for a while. However, today is a new day am I am going to press forward with new goals and a better outlook. I will share my travels, and my move and many of the funny moments as well as the frustrating.

My goal for this new year are 1.Make a new friend, 2. find a marathon to run, 3 find a triathalon to do in this next year. So today I ran and did 100 pushups, (ok so they were girl pushups), but I did 100!!!

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