Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our final Goodbye! She was so excited she almost ran through the doors!
Love you babe!
I love this picture! The day Ash entered the MTC in 2008

My daughter Ashley will coming home from her mission on July 9th one day after her brother Matthew goes into the MTC to begin his mission. I have been talking with Salt Lake, and Sis. Moore from the Cleveland, Ohio mission working out her travel arrangements to home. There was a problem as they were going to fly her into Bakersfield but because there are only a few flights Ashley would have a 9 hour layover in Denver. Soooo....we became creative and Ashley will now fly into Salt Lake. We will be able to drive her to the MTC and she will have 20-30 minutes to visit with her brother. Which I think is a wonderful gift since they will not spent any time together for 3 1/2 years by the time Matthew comes home from his mission. This is just one way the Lord shows love for me, I am sending out my son and he gives me back my daughter...what a tender mercy. For those who have sent missionaries out, you know and understand my feelings. So on July 9th there will be a gathering at the Salt Lake airport about 10:15 in termal 2!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Kiley....

Today is Kiley's 24th birthday!!!
Kiley and Nicolas easter 2007

Twenty Four years ago today...Roby was graduating it was April 19, 1985. On April 20th our daughter Kiley was born. She weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz, Tarin her sister was so happy to have a sister. I have fond memories of Kiley as a child she loved to laugh and smile and quickly gained the nickname smiley Kiley. She will graduate at the end of the week and be a big girl! I don't know how I feel about that, on one hand I am so pleased that she has accomplished so much on the other hand I am sad...for me...not her! I am excited for her as she has so much ahead of her, she is so capable and ready to move forward, soooo I will do all that I can to support her and push her if necessary. (That must be how a mother bird feels when she pushes her little babies out of the nest.) Here is a brief walk down memory lane. Ok the memory is backward, remember I am still in the learning phase of this blog.

Kiley and Ryan Dec. 2008 Newport, CA.

Matthew and Kiley in front of the church in Hawaii 2008

Kiley and Ashley in front of the Sacramento temple.

Kiley with her cousin Lori, Mom and sister Tarin.

Ahh...vacation with Dad, Mom and Ash...

High school graduation with the Grandmas

Graduating from Irvine 2007

You have always been beautiful!

If you notice she is wearing a BYU shirt...been there done go girl!

We always knew Kiley would do great things.

Kiley and Kelsey, these two would have jump off a bridge together!

She has always been a girl with many aspirations.

Oh how I miss those recitals age 8.

DC has always been a favorite of Kiley's since she was 10.

Kiley was so cute when she was 7.

Kiley's 5th birthday.

Kiley and Tarin Easter morning 1986 Kiley just turned 1.

Kiley at 20 months napping in her sister Ashley's seat.

I love you are an inspiration to me!

Salt Lake City???!!!

Our son Matthew Aaron Hunt will soon be Elder Hunt serving in the Salt Lake City, Utah Mission! He enters the MTC on July 8, 2009. We are so proud of him and his desire to serve the Lord and those who live within the boundries of his mission. We have confidence in his abilities to serve and to preach and teach the Lord's gospel and bring truth to those who will listen. I love you son!