Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Tribute to Matthew

I love you Son of Mine!!!
Roby and Matthew golfing in Hawaii...Go Seasiders!

Doing what he loves... Go son, hit it long and straight.....oh I mean....
Pull the Trigger BUUDDDYYYY!!!!

Matthew's graduation what a man!!!

Matthew playing with Nicolas....

Matthew and his nephew Nicolas 1 day old, and Marc Nicolas's dad.

Hiking Angels Landing 4 years ago...what a stud!

This is from last summer at Matt Bezzant's wedding. I love this boy! Doesn't he look handsome!

My son Matthew has turned in his mission papers...I am so excited for him and we can't wait to hear where he will be going. So in about 12 days we will have a few answers. We love you and we can't wait!!!

A Haines Family Trip.

For some reason, I still do not understand this is going in the wrong direction so start from the bottom and read up and you will better understand the trip. I could have added so much more but I am frustrated. I will try again and I hope it goes better. But needless to say we had a great time and loved being together. Go Cody we look forward to seeing you in July!

As we prepared to travel home we were worn out and still full of fun and spunk. My sister likes to show her spunkiness.

The day after graduation we went to a place I like to call Precious Momentsville. My mother Nancy loves precious moments and has collected them for years. So off we went, mom had a smile on her that lit up the room. We went to the Chapel where there were murals, stained glass and a room dedicated to Sam Butcher's son who died in his early 40's. The Chapel is beautiful and and you can sense Sam's love of life and people.

The Fam after graduation, Cody is relieved he can now put on some civis and relax for oh about 48 hours, he left for Germany 2 days after he graduated!
Cody is such a handsome man...this just after he walked and recieved his pin. We are so proud of him and his desire to serve and protect our country. There are many good men serving our country and we need to thank the Lord for their service and remember to pray for them and their families.
Ok so I forgot to rotate the picture before I added it...remember I am still learning....The purpose of the trip was to see my Nephew Cody gradutae from Army Bootcamp. Jan was so excited to see Cody.

This picture is suppose to be down further. I am still learning how to do this....HELP KILEY...HELP TARIN....

Nancy the leader of the pack arranged for the trip it was the first time our family has gone anywhere together. I must say the trip was an adventure and one that I will remember. I played the role of photographer and party planner.

My Brother Kim or Uncle Bubba to those who know and love him went also, he was a tropper 3 women and 1 man, he deserves major props.

It was my sisters first plane trip, she was so excited and then somewhat dismayed at the size of the plane it was too small for her liking, however, she made the best of it.

The picture is above.
Our first night we stayed in Branson, Mo and of course went to a show...Dolly Pardon's Stampeed Round-up dinner show. The show was great with beautiful horses and great stunts. The food was amazing and guess what no forks, spoons or knives...we ate with our fingers good but messy.