Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well let me just say that things have been a little busy....the Saturday after Kiley graduated Tarin's van decided it was time for a new transmission!!! So here we were in Salt Lake City at the Honda dealership with three babes waiting for the was not good $2800.00. We both felt like we were hit in the stomach. After some deliberation and many phone calls we decided to wait for the van to be fixed... 6 days later and 6 hotel nights later we were on our way home again with Tarin sick from the flu. It was a long week!

The good news is Kiley got engaged the weekend after her graduation. We are so excited to have Ryan Merrill become a part of our family, and we look forward to the upcoming wedding. So now we are in full wedding planning mode as well as getting Matthew ready for his mission and waiting for Ashley to come home from her mission. Matthew enters the MTC on July 8th and Ashley returns home July 9th. We will pick Ash up from the Salt Lake City airport at 10:04 am and then take her to the MTC where she will have about 20 minutes to see her brother! We then drive home so she can be released at 1:00 pm on Friday. Kiley will leave for Minnesota at 4:00 pm on Friday also. I love my life and all the exciting things that are happening if I died tomorrow I would one happy mama!