Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We began our trip at 9:00 am all happy and excited to go on "THE TRIP" T was our designated driver, I was the photogragher/climb into the back seat for the things that dropped Gma. I showed my backside to more drivers than I really cared to.

As you can see Nicolas, Caidence and Charlotte were quite happy! Caidence was just chillen.

This was one of our many stops, we stopped at State line so the babes could run around, shop and eat. When Caidence was asked if she wanted to eat first or shop, she said shop! Thats my girl! Nicolas decided he liked to dance and watch himself in the mirror.

Finally nap time, I guess Caidence didn't like the sun...

Nicolas just kept going and going...

Another one of our stops was in St. Geoge for dinner we found a park, met my mom and brother ate and then played.

Ready to get to on the road again...

So much fun on the toys, just happy to be out of the car...

Caidence wanted a push, of course Nicolas was happy to comply.

We stopped for more potty breaks than I thought possible, some were successful and some were lets just say we almost had to find a bush. Gma was the designated potty breaker.

We were in and out and soon back on the road!

We finally made it to the hotel, this was the longest drive I have ever taken. The kids were great but they were ready to get out of their seats!

Happy to stop moving!

The babes found ways to entertain themselves...

So cute! Ryan and GGma in the back ground.

Thanks Ryan for this picture, I love it!

The whole crew at Kiley's graduation Charlotte gave up and decided to sleep. It was wonderful to see Kiley walk across the stage and receive her diploma. She has worked hard for this day.

If only Ash and Marc were here...I love my family!

Our final destination...congratulations Kiley! You did it!!! We are so proud of you and your accomplishments, we loved sharing this with you.

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  1. I'm baffled! How is Ky's hair super duper curly in one picture and stick straight in the other? hmm.... this must have been a long weekend :) HI UNCLE BUBU!