Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Tribute to Matthew

I love you Son of Mine!!!
Roby and Matthew golfing in Hawaii...Go Seasiders!

Doing what he loves... Go son, hit it long and straight.....oh I mean....
Pull the Trigger BUUDDDYYYY!!!!

Matthew's graduation what a man!!!

Matthew playing with Nicolas....

Matthew and his nephew Nicolas 1 day old, and Marc Nicolas's dad.

Hiking Angels Landing 4 years ago...what a stud!

This is from last summer at Matt Bezzant's wedding. I love this boy! Doesn't he look handsome!

My son Matthew has turned in his mission papers...I am so excited for him and we can't wait to hear where he will be going. So in about 12 days we will have a few answers. We love you and we can't wait!!!


  1. i love that high school golf picture... i dont know if i have seen that yet

  2. Good luck matthew!! And I loved seeing your family pictures!! Cody is huge! LOL and the whole trip looked like tons of fun. Thanks for the mental image for the race. If I don't finish at least I'll get a great an workout from laughing so hard.